Realtors experience the dips and spikes, market trends, interest rates, and outlandish wish lists to satisfy. Too often, juggling all the requests, appointments, and the day-to-day paperwork creates complete chaos. You’ll never be able to escape that being a realtor is a complex career, but you can take back control of your day with systems. 

The crazier the local market is, the better systems you’ll need to succeed. If you’re like most new realtors, you spend hours upon hours trying to figure out what to do next, and you still never seem to get ahead. And no matter how much you try, it always seems like something goes wrong. These early experiences can be frustrating for agents and clients alike, making it difficult to get things done. 

If you’re confused and wondering what else could happen —relax! There’s a reason for all the chaos. It’s all thanks (no thanks!) to how real estate is currently done with NO systems. Find out why including systems make the most sense to structure your day and cut through the chaos. 

Successful Realtors Love Systems 

No kidding! Most of the successful realtors I know live and die by systems. However, from the outside, new realtors might not pick up on the inner workings of systems in action. Instead, newbies might find it even more frustrating that some people seem like they’re total naturals at managing the chaos in the real estate industry. To them, it looks like veteran realtors never seem to break a sweat! 

All the systems behind the scenes are missing from such a limited view. To be successful, agents must manage chaos and uncertainty, and systems make it look like a snap. 

Successful Realtors Don’t Love Chaos 

As a long-time realtor, I can tell you that chaos is just part of the job. It comes and goes like the tide. You’re already ahead of the game if you have systems to manage the chaos. In that case, you can benefit from the excitement rather than crumble under the pressure and disarray. But how do you know what kind of chaos you’ll be managing to know what systems you need if you’re new to real estate?

 Typically, real estate chaos comes in a few familiar forms: 

  • Constant changes in the market
  • Real estate is a people business
  • Always full of surprises and energy 
  • At the scheduling mercy of others 
  • Information and compliance overload 

Systems That Successful Realtors Use 

In any business, there will always be those who seem to have a natural knack for it, and the real estate industry is no exception. However, what many of these so-called naturals have done is develop systems that work for them. 

Newcomers to the industry need to know that systems are one of the keys to realtor success. Find a few you can get down with and make them a part of your routine. I can tell you from experience that even learning a new system is much better than constant chaos. 


One such system is keeping a detailed database of all potential clients. This includes not only current clients but also past clients and even leads from other sources. Realtors can quickly and easily identify potential buyers or sellers when the need arises by having this information at their fingertips.


Another critical system is creating a process for handling each type of transaction. This includes everything from initial contact to closing the deal. Having a set process ensures that no steps are missed and that everyone involved in the transaction is kept up to date on what’s happening.

Time Management 

Scheduling is an integral part of being a successful realtor. Many new realtors struggle with the concept of scheduling and time management. They think that if they are out there working all the time, they will be successful. You risk burnout if you do not have a solid time management system.

Realtors Love Successful Scheduling

You need to take some time to sit down and create a schedule that works for you. Include both your personal and professional obligations in your plan. If you are feeling like you have very little control over your life, create both a macro and micro schedule that will help you balance the different areas of your life. Make sure to block off time for professional and personal obligations and organize them by priority. Be realistic about the amount of time you can realistically devote to each activity each day.

Systems Support Successful Realtors 

Real estate is a fast, challenging, and exciting industry. Expert, dedicated, and efficient systems are necessary for being a successful realtor. By managing your time wisely and planning out your schedule, you can ensure that you can meet your client’s needs while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Remember to stay flexible while taking advantage of the systems that work for you, such as technology and support staff. No one set-up is perfect, but you will be thankful you have systems to better manage your day-to-day real estate priorities and keep the chaos at bay.

About the Author Meleah Jones

Hi, my name is Meleah Jones and I'm on a mission to help motivated realtors just like you! With 20 years in the real estate business, I've been blessed to build a powerful network of people and resources to help build your confidence and legacy in the real estate industry.

I won't stop until you're no longer just surviving but thriving in the real estate market.

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