Salt and light … and staging? The Sermon on the Mount is one of Jesus’ most famous speeches, and it is full of great advice for everyone, including new realtors. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Some of the most important things that successful realtors have come straight from these pages: humility, compassion, and patience. 

We all know that success doesn’t come easy and that we should always be willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve our goals. Realtors who are mindful of these teachings will likely succeed in their careers by working hard and following the examples set before them. 

Find out why the Sermon on the Mount makes perfect sense for realtors and how to apply the lessons to a successful career in real estate. 

What Is The Sermon on the Mount?

The Sermon on the Mount is found in the Gospel of Matthew and is Jesus’ longest recorded Sermon. In this Sermon, Jesus talks about the Law of Moses and how it should be interpreted. He talks about how people should live their lives and what they should expect in the future. The Sermon on the Mount is, yes, an integral part of Christianity. But so much of what it teaches is still relevant right now. Even if you’re not religious, the excerpt has essential wisdom that benefits everyone. 

How Can Realtors Take the SOTM to Work?

Like salt and light in the world, realtors add flavor unbiasedly and bring light into the darkness. New realtors can be successful by taking the Sermon on the Mount into their daily lives. We also need to be good stage managers to fulfill our commitment to our clients, we should put on a good show and make them feel comfortable. If we do these things, we will be successful at serving clients.

The Golden Rule: How to Treat Others

Did you know that The Sermon on the Mount precedes the Golden Rule? The Bible says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Matthew 7:12 & Luke 6:31). This is also called the Golden Rule. It is a simple way to remember how to treat other people. 

New realtors can apply the Golden Rule as a matter of professional practice. You can use the Golden Rule when buying or selling a house — always be honest with your clients. You should tell them both the good and the bad things about the house while being respectful, sensitive to their needs, and professional. 

The Platinum Rule: How People Want To Be Treated 

When it comes to the Platinum Rule, realtors have a unique opportunity to put the essential teachings into practice just by listening. The rule suggests that we should treat others as they say they want to be treated, which is especially important in real estate. Because realtors often work with buyers and sellers who are complete strangers, they must create a positive experience for everyone involved.

One way to do this is by being kind and understanding. People are more likely to trust their realtor when they feel they’re being listened to and understood. Realtors should work to not push their own agenda but focus on what the client wants. The Platinum Rule is an effective way to calm the waters with many different clients.

The Beatitudes: How To Be Blessed

One way to follow The Beatitudes is to be humble and merciful. Do this by understanding when things go wrong and being willing to help others out, even if it’s not required. In real estate, this could mean going the extra mile for clients or colleagues or being patient when working through a tough negotiation.

Another way to follow The Beatitudes is to be a peacemaker. This means being kind and respectful to everyone, regardless of their position or status in life. In real estate, always put the client first, no matter their situation in life, and negotiate fairly on their behalf. 

The Magic Middle: Managing Expectations

Realtors can show clients they are relatable and trustworthy by emphasizing that they are not perfect. Realtors can also use the SOTM teachings to manage client expectations by setting the tone for their interactions with clients. Additionally, realtors can use the principles of The Sermon on the Mount to build relationships with clients and to provide them with essential guidance during their home buying or selling process.

Realtors are often managing their expectations for clients, too. It can be challenging to deal with buyers who are hoping for a home that is larger or more luxurious than what is actually available or sellers who are unrealistic about their asking price. In these situations, it can also be helpful to remember the teaching of The Sermon on the Mount.

Successful Realtors Turn Teachings Into Practice 

Jesus tells us that we shouldn’t worry about our future because God knows what we need and will provide for us. This is good news for realtors working with clients stressed out about finding their perfect home. Jesus also teaches the value of being kind. We should always be willing to help our clients, even if it means going above and beyond. 

The foundations for The Sermon on the Mount are truly life-changing. Still, it is always more impactful when we put teachings into practice to serve others.

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