How To Access Your Membership Benefits

Step 1.

First, keep an eye on your email 

An Email from Meleah is on the way.

  • Keep an eye out in case it sneaks into spam (ugh)
  • Add us to your contacts/ favorites/ preferred senders, etc. list
    to ensure consistent delivery. It might also help to:
    • confirm the email
    • star ⭐️ the email
    • create a label [MJN] to filter your inbox

Step 2.

Second, get ready to use that login you just made

You just created your login when you signed up

  • Your access will be updated 
  • A link to log in is included below 
  • A link to log in is also in the Email from Meleah
  • (We are all about ease of access here!)

Step 3.

Then, explore your new membership

These tips make new beginnings more fun and less overwhelming

  • Remember to star the welcome email to locate later
  • Click around to navigate your way through the site 
  • Bookmark logins & links on your browser for easy access in the future
  • Putting all MJN links into 'MJN folder' of bookmarks clears clutter 
  • Compile questions as they arise & if they don't get answered as you go...
  • ...Contact us to clarify any questions or concerns


You could, IF YOU WANTED TO, begin your very first lesson! 

Next Steps ... (you're so close!)

  1. Click the login button below
  2. And if you're not already logged in from registering,
  3. Input your account credentials to login 
  4. Access your membership materials
  5. Celebrate this new leg of your journey!