Helping Motivated Realtors Thrive 

Instead of Just Getting By

Are you ready to expand your network and make money fast? If you're motivated to become the successful realtor you deserve to be, The Meleah Jones Network is exactly what you need to take the next step.

Learn more about how I can help you and how you can fast track your own success to start living the life you've been working so hard for. 

True Wealth Is More Than Just Money

It's The Freedom To Choose How To Spend Your Time

I know how tough the market can be and how much dedication it takes to stay in the game. I started in real estate over 20 years ago, right where you are: frustrated, tired, and nervous about my savings.

With plenty of mistakes under my belt, one of the hardest lessons I learned is making money and building wealth are essential for financial freedom, but so is time. One of the biggest secrets no one spills is when you start is building wealth includes balancing your budget and schedule.

It's time to find out how to start thriving instead of feeling like you're barely surviving the day-to-day real estate grind.

Did You Know?... 

Successful Realtors Strive To build Diverse communities who know, like, & trust Them

It's true! Networking is the new number 1 on your motivated realtor to-do list, right up there with building leverage. If your network is solid - well, guess what? - you have a head start real estate success. Even if you don't, I'll show you how to grow your network and your net worth so you can increase your leverage too. There are proven methods that you will learn and use to move ahead.


Here's THE TRUTH: lead generation isn't easy when you're starting out but it's so essential. I'll share my tips and tricks for smart lead gen without draining your brain or your bank account.


Building strong networks and leverage are my superpowers. The connections you create in The Meleah Jones Network will provide you with all the leverage you need to match resources to needs. Join us!


Stay up to date on local trends and the right materials, like contracts and client specific templates. Ensure you'll always be in compliance and have faster and more lucrative closings. Yes, please!

It's Time To Get A Plan & Get On The Fast Track 

To Real Estate Success

The Freemium Tier of The Meleah Jones Network is FREE TO ALL and has incredibly valuable resources, including expert advice and professional expertise from the entire real estate industry.

The top tier of The MJN is a smaller, customized experience catering to the needs on your individual agent journey. 

Finding your fast track as soon as you join is easy!


Join A Top Tier

You join The Meleah Jones Network to get access to what you need to succeed as a motivated realtor.


Get A Personal Plan

We work together to identify your goals and implement a plan so you can achieve the future you deserve.


Thrive As A Realtor

You are the thriving, successful realtor you worked hard to become. Now you're making up for lost time fast!


“To lead others, 

use your heart.”

- John C. Maxwell

Meleah has been a huge asset to my business - whether she's helping me come up with goals, or think through the best way to word a contract -  her advice and help is invaluable!

Aleta H. Eley, John Rea Realty

At the start of my career, Meleah was a beacon of light and hope who would always support me. I will always be grateful to her for being a friend I could always call for support, a coach who had faith in my path, and a ray of sunshine all the time.

Ramiro Gamez, THLT Realty

When I started my career in real estate Meleah referred my first listing to me, which turned into my first closing. I was rookie of the year and reached my cap my first year in real estate. Crazy I know! Since then, Meleah has become a very close friend and just becomes more knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Alissa Ayo Gonzales Switzer, Keller Williams

Relieved she's only a phone call away for those "What Would Meleah Do" questions. I always leave meetings feeling a little more intelligent when she's there. She inspires me the most with her wisdom on real estate property investing and fierce loyalty to the people she loves. I'm thankful to name her as a friend.

Hannah Givens, French Realty

I hired Meleah my first year in real estate. As a rookie agent, I gained the confidence I needed to find my way through the industry. Now, I'm in my third year of business and consistently in the top 10% of our board. 

Jacob Duvall, Duvall & Co

Meleah Jones has been just exactly what I have been searching for! Her course is inspirational for all levels of agents - from beginners to brokers, and everyone in between. I cannot wait to share ABC with our agents!

Anna Earl Romero, Cypress State Realty

Meleah is a such a valuable asset to our brokerage - she knows every aspect of real estate plus marketing, agent training, employee staffing, and everything in between! With the knowledge and energy she shares, I always leave feeling like I can take over the world.

Dustin Posey, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

I wanted a new vision for the propensity to start a new year. Well, I capped by the end of May, and now I am looking forward to the rest of the year! Meleah's coaching helped me to focus on the real priorities of my business.

Donna Minter, Vanguard Realty

Where do we begin? Working with Meleah was a life changing experience - we reached new heights! She's personable with the ability to connect her clients regardless of what stage they're in at the time - it's amazing. 

Scooter & Kelsey Howell, Real Estate Investors

Meleah Jones' love and dedication to see others grow and become successful is contagious. She holds those around her accountable and that alone is a seed for success. I thank Meleah for always showing up!

Courtney Cooper, Rhodes Realty

Today, I'm a stronger and more focused realtor thanks to Meleah. She is so good at opening up ideas on higher levels and offering insight into the future and encouraging  opportunities that work for you. 

Stacy Wright, Fox Realty Group

Thank you for all that you do and all that you dream. It is because of people like you that we all can move forward to hit our own goals.

Sandy Whitlock, EXP Realty

After I hired Meleah Jones as my mentor and coach, I knew things were going to be different. Meleah was able to teach me simple tips and strategies that produced phenomenal results.

Michael Brakefield, Realtor

Meleah is amazing! She was the best coach that I could have ever asked for as a new realtor. Meleah is very inspiring and I love her. She is an amazing mentor and friend.

Tausah Strawder, THLT Realty

Meleah prides herself on being a resource while diligently and consistently guiding people through unfamiliar pathways.

Courtney Martin, Operations

Meleah's knowledge of the industry will far exceed your expectations and the encouragement she provides is phenomenal.

Linda Edwards, John Rea Realty

Strategic vision, meaningful connection, and personal excellence are just a few things that come to mind! Meleah always shares generously from her wellspring of positive energy, knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Kelley Oakley, John Rea Realty

Meleah Jones has been great. I met Meleah in 2017 when I became a licensed real estate agent. She definitely poured her knowledge and encouragement on me. Thank you for always being there for me.

Markita Washington, French Realty

I wasn't sure what Meleah could do for me after being a realtor for 20 years, but she never ceases to amaze me. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Connie Albritton, Vanguard Realty

Meleah has incredible work ethic, enjoys supporting people and helping others grow. She is invested in this community and those around her.

Christie Wheeler, Team Leader

Meleah not only connects people to where they want to be in their work life but also in their personal life too. She handles everything! Meleah is a true leader and I completely trust her process

Heather Guillot, Vanguard Realty

Meleah's enthusiasm for life, business and learning have never wavered. She is a power-house of information, ready to help at anything.

Robert Wilson, Duvall & Co

Does this frustrating scenario sound familiar to you?

You're doing THE WORK. You even feel ready to hit the fast track to success, but you just keep hitting blocks. 

You end up just feeling stuck and frustrated,  wondering how and why this keeps happening over and over again no matter what you do.

Can't figure out what's slowing you down or how to break free from what's holding you back?

Stop guessing. Get to the bottom of it today. Let's fix it.

The faster you figure out what's blocking you, the sooner you'll be able to hit the fast track running without all the hurdles and the sand pits and the pole vaulting and whatever else is slowing you down.

I can help.